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Leadership, Courage, Respect, Honesty, Accountability, And Teamwork.

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Q: What is Superhero Soccer?
A: Superhero Soccer classes are age specific, fun soccer fitness classes. We use fantasy and imagination to teach soccer skills and to improve fitness.

Q: Where are Superhero Soccer classes held and what time are they?
A: Superhero Soccer classes are held at daycares, preschools, churches, soccer fields, and mother's day out facilities. The times vary depending on what best works for each individual location's schedule. Many of our classes are offered in the morning, post nap, or as an after school program.

Q: What do you do when it rains or is too hot or too cold for soccer class?

A: Superhero Soccer classes are designed to be offered both indoors and out. We only need a medium to large classroom to perform a great class and all of our balls are "indoor-friendly." If, for whatever reason, a class does need to be rescheduled we do so at the convenience of the players.

Q: How much is the tuition for Superhero Soccer class and how do parents pay?

A: We see ourselves as experts in soccer and not experts in preschools. Therefore, we do not have a set price and ask the school director to set the price that they see as fair and agreeable for their parents. Additionally, we collect payment from parents in whatever way the school director prefers. Most of our schools ask us to take care of all of the administration while some schools prefer to take care of the administration.

Q: What does the monthly tuition cover?
A: The monthly tuition covers a weekly half hour class, coached by a Superhero Soccer staff coach. A Superhero Soccer class will be held each and every single week at your school at the designated time, and payments are made on a monthly basis.

Q: Why is each class only 30 minutes in length?
A: While they are a lot of fun, Superhero soccer sessions are also mentally and physically demanding. After 30 minutes of class, young children will have experienced close to optimal levels of exercise and physical stress. As fatigue begins to set in, attention begins to wander and the fun of exercise diminishes. Our goal is to finish classes while fun and enjoyment levels are still very high. This keeps  children motivated to come back for more and maintains enthusiasm for the games and skills we perform in class. Subconsciously, it leaves children with a positive impression of exercise and soccer for greater skill acquisition and long-term fitness benefits.

All of our coaches are professionally trained, background certified soccer coaches. All Superhero Soccer coaches are specifically chosen for their ability to work with young children and trained to teach Superhero Soccer classes.

Q: Will the class have the same coach every week?

A: A specific Superhero Soccer coach will be assigned to each school and will be the primary coach for that school or location. There may occasionally be a different coach teaching class; however, we understand how important it is for children to build relationships with a coach in order to feel comfortable.

Q: How long are children signed up for?
A: Superhero classes are designed to grow with kid's competency and skill level and are intended to be a year round program. However there are no specific time requirements. Parents may sign up for one month at a time or for longer if chosen. The Superhero Soccer program is totally flexible. Kids can come and go on a month-by-month basis. As with all technical skills whether it's golf, brain surgery, or even soccer, the more consistent a kid's participation, the greater the results will be now and in the future.

Q: Can kids try a class and see if they like it before signing up?
A: Absolutely! Please, if there is some uneasiness about whether or not a child would enjoy and benefit from Superhero Soccer classes, invite them to a trial. If for any reason the child does not like it, they pay nothing.

Q: Do you provide progress reports?
A: Yes!! Coaches place progress reports in the child’s profile on a regular basis. This allows parents the opportunity to ask their kids about Superhero Soccer and what it does for kids.

Q: Why should schools partner with Superhero Soccer in addition to the other enrichment programs offered?

A: We believe that there should be as many enrichment programs offered as it gives parents choice and increases the likelihood of parent satisfaction. However, if you are trying to decide between Superhero Soccer and another program we believe that the reasons listed below are good ones for why you should choose Superhero Soccer.

  • Core values: 
  • Bully Prevention:
  • Fun:
  • Early Skill Development:
  • Healthy:

Q: Do you offer summer soccer camps or other types of summer soccer programs?
A: Yes. We offer our Superhero Soccer classes year round. We also offer summer camps that are tailored to fit the needs of our partner schools and other partners.

Q: Do the kids ever play real soccer games?
A: Children enrolled in Superhero Soccer classes do not play in regular soccer games. However, Superhero Soccer provides league play for all children ages 3 to 9. Teams are formed from a nucleus of children who are enrolled at the same school or are close by one another. Our objective is to form neighborhood teams that will play together in Superhero Soccer leagues and form the basis of larger teams as they get older and continue their soccer education. For further information about Superhero Soccer Leagues please choose the league menu option at the top of the page.